Everyone LOVES the Intuitive Soul Oracle Cards!

They are finally here!!!

There was a slight delay at the printer, but all the pre-orders have been sent by mail this week! You should receive them soon.

The Oracle cards will be available in bookstores all over Canada and, soon, Australia. For other countries, you can ask your favorite bookseller to get in touch with us to order them… or you can still purchase the Cards on this website by clicking here!

As for the people who already bought the Cards at fairs in Canada or in Australia, apparently, they are just AMAZED by them!
Marie-Chantal, as well as many of us at the office, uses those cards to do readings and the results are astonishing!

If you wish to share with us what wonderful readings you had with the Oracle, please join us on our Facebook page

They’re coming soon!

We’ve juste received news form the printer and Lisa’s Intuitive Soul Oracle Cards deck will be available in bookstores everywhere in Quebec and in Australia on October 22nd!

For other countries (USA, UK, Norway), distribution’s contracts are still in negotiation, but if you ask your favorite bookstore owner to buy them, it might accelerate the process…

As for those who already purchased the Cards on this web site, the shipping will start, as planned before the 15th. Please allow one week or more for postal delivery in America and from 6 to 8 weeks for shipping elsewhere.

Of course, you can still buy the Oracle Cards thru this website at anytime.
Just click here for all the details.